The Plague-Ground — Stupid White Men

Remember the shirtless, horned rioter who carried his 6-foot spear into the US Senate chamber last Wednesday?

Jake Angeli is 32-years old and lives in Phoenix. He’s an unsuccessful actor and voice-over artist who’s now an entrepreneur, selling online courses on how to combat “dark forces” for $44.44. He believes the pandemic is a hoax, claims he was in the navy and lives with his mom.

On Saturday, he was arrested by the FBI who didn’t have to use facial recognition technology to find him. He was the most prominent Viking at the riot and never shed his Viking clothes.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Jake is refusing to eat anything in jail in Phoenix. He’s on a hunger strike because he only eats organic food.

Did Jake claim this? No. His lawyer? No. It was his mom who told the media that “He gets very sick if he doesn’t eat organic food…. He needs to eat.”

What surprised me is what happened next:

The court said the U.S. Marshal’s office would need to make accommodations for Angeli.


The U.S. Marshal for Phoenix told The Arizona Republic on Monday that the Marshals Service would comply. Said David Gonzalez: “For religious or health reasons, if (inmates) need a special diet, we are required to accommodate them.”


It’s tempting to think Jake Angeli is just one of those dumb white guys whom Hillary Clinton branded “deplorables” in 2016. But Jake won his ‘right’ to organic food and Hillary lost the election.

The fact is, the insurrection was not populated by Poor White Trash. For the most part, they were solidly middle class. While many Americans think of them as domestic terrorists, they thought of themselves as either tourists or man-boys who could get away with it. Their leaders were smart, white and rich, yet filled with grievances: Like Senator Ted Cruz (Princeton, Harvard Law), Josh Hawley (Stanford, Yale Law), and of course Donald Trump (Wharton).

It’s easy for educated people to look down on those who aren’t well-educated. It’s not that the two groups cross paths much. 94% of Americans do not know and have never met anyone who’s gone to an Ivy League University.

Malcolm Gladwell once set out to learn if where you went to law school determined your success as a lawyer. Surely someone from Harvard would do better than someone from Fordham Night School. It seems not.

Gladwell interviewed the chief recruiter from one of the world’s largest law firms, who told him that the correlation between law school and success was zero. Not 0.1. Zero. In other words, how well you did as a lawyer — partnerships, bonuses, prestige, etc. — had absolutely nothing to do with where you went to law school. There were two things that did: if you had a summer job involving hard physical labor and if your parents were immigrants to America.

It may surprise you to know that the most educated people in the world are Canadians. Yes, us. So we, of all people, need to be very careful not to confuse education with intelligence, brains with school. It’s easy to be fooled, especially when we’re dealing with Americans wearing horns.

But the wisest words I’ve heard about how truly dreadful last Wednesday’s attack on Congress was — and this is with thousands of pundits and reporters giving us their view — comes from a man who’s neither. He’s a first-generation immigrant who came over from Europe and spoke little English. He made his way in his new country entirely via physical labour.

Last June 18 th, he posted his views on this video which wasn’t viewed by many people because no one really cared. But on the weekend, a second video was posted by the same former two-term Republican Governor of California, who is pictured above.

It’s worth watching, especially to learn who’s smart and who’s just educated.

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